Wisconsin Trigger Company M-K II A2 Trigger


The M-K IIA2 is a tactical/match trigger, at home at the 600 yard line of Camp Perry as well as in a high speed, 3 gun match. The disconnector has a long reset and the finest release on the market. This is very beneficial when using optics by reducing the amount of movement the shooter sees during the hammer release. Combined with the adjustable overtravel, adjustable second stage weight, multiple trigger springs, oversize trigger and hammer pins**.
Available in small pin only at this time.

All M-K model triggers will fit most AR-10 Rifles.  Due to the lack of standardization in the AR-10 platform some extra fitting may be required.

** Fits receiver using the standard GI size 0.155 receiver pins but may require minor fitting depending on lower and if any coating such as Cerrakote has been installed.


Link to installation instructions:



  • 2 stage trigger.
  • Long reset disconnector, Same as the original M-K II trigger and on the “X” model trigger.
  • Factory pre-cut trigger housing tail, saving time and eliminating the need to set overtravel.
  • Oversize trigger and hammer pins, diameter 0.156″.
  • adjustable pull weight, 3.25 lbs to 5+ lbs.
  • Adjustable 2nd stage engagement.
  • Extra light and heavy duty springs included.
  • Extra disconnector springs included.

Additional information

Weight 7 oz


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