The ADM Recon Mount – A Precision Rifle Components Review


Manufacturer: American Defense MFG

Product Name: ADM Recon Mount

MSRP: Starting at $189.85

Street Price: Starting at $161.45


6061-T6 Aluminum

Hardcoat anodized finish (models available in black and flat dark earth).


Available in a wide variety of configurations, ADM Recon mount models include multiple eye relief options, varying levels of height over bore, elevation cant (0, 20, and 30 MOA options are currently available), as well as fixed and quick detach variants,

Weight varies depending on the model, but generally they wind up sitting between 8 and 9 ounces. While not the lightest solution currently on the market, Recon mounts are far from hefty.


Over the last five or six years I’ve used these mounts on a variety of different rifle configurations. Whether on my High Power service rifle, a Recce/SPR gas gun, a 3-Gun build, a diminutive SBR, or a general purpose defensive carbine, there is a Recon mount for nearly every rifle application. While height over bore is typically ideal for AR-pattern rifles, the low-profile Recon-SL mount is perfect for precision bolt action rifles featuring an adjustable comb height.

Of all the different makes and models of rifle mounts used in the past, I probably wound up removing and installing the ADM Recon mount the most. During my tenure at Criterion Barrels we would typically test a handful of different upper receivers weekly using the same mount and optic combo (a Vortex Viper PST 6-24×50 SFP with a 30mm ADM Recon mount).

We must have installed and removed that optic at least a couple hundred times over the course of that time period. We weren’t nice to it either. Marines are notorious for breaking equipment, and the jarheads we kept on staff (present company included) were no exception to this rule. Although the Criterion optic/mount combo is now pocked with scratches and dents from regular handling in the field and sales trips to various different trade shows (believe it or not, they do take a toll on your equipment), that mount and optic continues to hold zero and remain in regular use to this day.


Let’s break down a few unique features the ADM Recon mount offers:


If you’re a fan of swapping optics, rebuilding uppers, or testing a number of different rifles with a single scope, then this is a pretty big deal. While the Recon mount might require a hex key during initial assembly (that’s how the scope is locked into place in the mount), installation and removal from your rifle is extremely straightforward.

ADM’s QD lever design simply requires the shooter to depress a small button located on the side of the mount assembly. Once the button is depressed you just flip the lever and the mount is ready for removal.

If you over-tighten the scope mount a bit during initial installation you may have to pop the lever out with a flathead screwdriver or some other tool, but ADM makes it pretty clear that you won’t need to apply that much force to effectively engage with the picatinny rail atop your receiver.

If there is too much or too little pressure on the clamping surface (there should be a firm level of resistance when initially engage the lever), then simply disengage the lever, push it inward with your thumb, and adjust the nut opposite of the lever. The nut includes a cutout for a Flathead screwdriver, but you should be easily able to manipulate it with your opposite hand. If you really need the nitty gritty details when it comes to installation, ADM has a tutorial listed on their website.


Running an optic with a giant 40mm tube diameter? There’s a Recon mount for that. Tossing on a slim rimfire scope featuring a 1” main tube? You’re covered there too. If you’re looking to build your rifle in the ubiquitous Flat Dark Earth, there’s a Recon mount for you too! Variety is the spice of life, and there is no shortage of it over at American Defense Manufacturing.


If you somehow manage to break your ADM Recon mount, the guys over at American Defense Manufacturing are going to take care of you. Just give Jeremy Kattner or Tom Stewart a call and they’ll fix your mount or get a replacement sent over ASAP.

I’ve never personally broken one of their mounts, but I have lost a handful of nuts and bolts over the years due to my own personal negligence while working on rifles at the range (Life Pro Tip: if you’re going to try playing gunsmith in the field, don’t disassemble your handguard in tall grass).

I gave Jeremy a quick phone call explaining my clumsiness, and by the next day I had the replacement hardware in hand. That kind of customer service is tough to beat!


These folks run their ADM mounts hard. If you would like any feedback regarding their past performance in the competition world, just shoot them a message!

Madalyn Stewart

Heath and Niki Clevenger


These organizations are using ADM mounts on a number of their demo rifles. If you have any questions regarding their use in the field, give them a call!

Criterion Barrels Inc.

Rosco Manufacturing

Veil Solutions


You can find a full selection of ADM Recon and Delta mounts right here on the Precision Rifle Components product page! Feel free to swing by our store to check out the full selection here.


Have you had a chance to get behind an ADM Recon mount? What was your experience? We would love to hear more! Share the details in the below comments section.

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